Cooling Container/Flask

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Liquid nitrogen container made of stainless steel Type BIOSAFE for storage of biological materials

Area of application

  • Storing of 2ml or 5 ml vials in liquid nitrogen or in the N2 gas phase
  • Laboratory technique
  • Medicinal technique
  • Biotechnology

Features of performance

  • Reliably and economically
  • Robustly and reliably
  • Nominal capacity from 121 to 251 litres optional 420 litres


BIOLOGY SAFE including container control and supervision with:

  • Filling state announcement
  • Temperature announcement
  • LN2 Level regulation
  • LN2 filling stop when lid is open
  • Would pass away alarm announcements in text in clear
  • Alarm exit free of potential for building technology and a lot more

BIOSAFE made of stainless steel 120 and 220

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